Everything we blog about…

We have the following blogs:

  • Blue Sky: life, the universe and the Beeg Picture.
    This is where we pen our thoughts about our worldview and our attempts to make sense of the lives we live. Beware: philosophy and abstract ideas ahead! 🙂
  • Body Corporate: all things related to professionalism, business, and teams of people.
    Here we talk about what we’ve learned while working with colleagues, customers, job seekers, financiers, and bosses.
  • Bits and Bytes: stuff that we fiddle with in our geeky existence.
    For hands-on programmers, systems engineers, and technophiles. Mostly about software and computer systems. Stories about cool hacks and systems frustrations go here.
  • Servaya: the official product blog for Merce Servaya, our scalable multi-server IS infrastructure system.
  • Broadside: the official product blog for Merce Broadside, our massive email transmitting system.
  • Select: the official blog for Merce Select, our software services division.

Join in, read, comment, and tell us what you think. It’s no fun without you.