Acquiring Merce Broadside

Let us assume that you’ve studied and tried out Merce Broadside, and you liked what you saw. How do you acquire it? What are the options available to you?

In the days of yore, when life was a bore, acquiring a software product was simple. If you wanted to use a software application, you paid the licence fees and got CDs or DVDs with the executable image. Today, life under a cloudy sky is more confusing.

The trend towards cloud-hosted software as a service complicates things. You may choose to pay licence fees and licence Merce Broadside as in the older model. Or you may choose to simply use it while we host and manage it for you. Or you may choose options in between. Let us count the ways…


“Marketing emails, right?”

We get this response so often that we decided to dedicate a blog post to it. 🙂

Customers who hear about Merce Broadside and its ability to send a million+ emails a day immediately think Merce Broadside is a spam sending engine. (Well, they use a more polite term for it.) And many enterprise customers do have a strong need to deliver marketing emails to their customers and prospects. Their interest in Merce Broadside is genuine, and of course, Merce Broadside is a great engine for such needs.

But Merce Broadside is much more than just an engine to send out marketing emails. Let me explain. More

Merce Broadside as SaaS?

Merce Broadside is designed to be deployed as part of the customer’s IS infrastructure. It is designed to serve large customers with multiple departments, and can operate as a shared resource with separate teams administering their parts of the system.

Setting up Merce Broadside is not a five-minute job. The product can only do its job if infrastructure is properly set up, and this infrastructure setup has many components. It would be so tempting if the customer did not need to do all this, and could enjoy the power of the product in a SaaS environment.

Well, this is certainly possible, but within limits. A small setup for relatively smaller volumes of emails per day (say, 100,000 messages) is easy to operate as a hosted service. We offer such services. For larger customers, more care needs to be taken. More