Acquiring Merce Broadside

Let us assume that you’ve studied and tried out Merce Broadside, and you liked what you saw. How do you acquire it? What are the options available to you?

In the days of yore, when life was a bore, acquiring a software product was simple. If you wanted to use a software application, you paid the licence fees and got CDs or DVDs with the executable image. Today, life under a cloudy sky is more confusing.

The trend towards cloud-hosted software as a service complicates things. You may choose to pay licence fees and licence Merce Broadside as in the older model. Or you may choose to simply use it while we host and manage it for you. Or you may choose options in between. Let us count the ways…

There are four options we offer customers:

  • Product Licensing: you pay a one-time fee for a perpetual licence plus one year of L3 support (bug fixes, minor version upgrades, remote support on email and support forums). Further support is available as per an annual support contract.
  • Managed Operations Service: you provide the servers, data centre and Internet bandwidth. We provide Merce Broadside and extended support. Your capex for the product is zero. Trained engineers will come to your office, install and configure the product, assist in troubleshooting, assist in operating the product, and provide training. L3 support is included in extended support. You pay per quarter, in advance, and can terminate the service at the end of any quarterly billing cycle with 60 days notice.
  • Managed Operations Service with hardware: you provide the data centre and Internet bandwidth. We bring our server hardware, our product, and provide extended support as above. You commit to a minimum of two quarters of service up front. Your capex is even lower than with the previous approach — you do not even need to provide hardware.
  • Merce Broadside Live: we host Merce Broadside for you on Amazon EC2 with Amazon S3 data backup. You get full administrator access to the product’s browser-based interface. We provide L3 support. We bill you per quarter in advance and you can terminate the service at the end of any quarterly billing cycle with 60 days notice.

We believe that this set of choices may be confusing at first but merely acknowledges the fact that one size does not fit all. A product which handles more than 15,000,000 emails a month for our largest customers may not be suitable for smaller customers in the same garb.

Feel free to contact us for details. We will be keen to help you sort through these options and choose the one most suited to your needs.

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